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A plea to the Rich for help.
by Timothy Ellis
August 2006

I'd like to make a plea to all of the rich people of the world who consider themselves spiritual beings and at the same time, have more money than they know what to do with.

There are many of you. And some of this many are already doing great things to help change the world. Often this is with charities, which is worthy and right, but there are other uses for your money that will change the world.

Please Help the Helpers !

Let me tell you a story. Its a fictionalised version of what did happen.

Once apon a time, in the land of Aus, a man followed the dashed white line up the road to the Gold Coast.

He found many healers there, and many who needed healing, and began to use his own healing gifts.

He read angel cards for money to live on, and gave freely of his unpaid time to people who could not afford what he could give, following his guidance.

He read and was listened to, he healed and was thanked, he channelled ArcAngel Michael and was listened to.

But he could not make a living out of this, and the debt he left behind him with his ex-family would not leave him alone.

And he looked around him and found many of the helpers and healers were the same as he, struggling to make a living while they helped those in need, as their gifts and guidance allowed them to.

He said to his angels, "Give me a lot of money and I can rid myself of debts, live comfortably, not have to worry about charging people to help them and then I can do the work a lot better". Unknowingly, he echoed the requests of many.

Then he said, "Give me many millions of dollars and I can help others like myself to have a comfortable life so that they too can do the work you ask of us without having to worry about money. I can organise them somewhere to live, give them a car to travel in, feed them, and allow them to settle their debts, so that each can do the work as you ask of us, and as a group we can do the work more effectively".

Many angels were listening to this.

One voice answered. "You will have it. I will guide you to the place to buy a lottery ticket. You will be the only first prize winner in this lottery. Go now and prepare yourself for spending this money and doing the work."

The angels sat back to see what would happen.

He gathered together a group. And the group began to plan. And another larger group began to form around the first group.

To the first group, he promised each, a large dollar lump sum to solve their own problems with, including buying a new car.

Then he began to organise the buying of property. Among these were a number of multi-million dollar sea-side apartments.

He made promises to those he saw contributing to the work, that their burdons would be lessened.

And the group began to plan how each would spend their money. One was going to buy a Ferrari, others also planned on buying cars above the $100,000 mark, and all planned to buy more than the basic car they all just needed.

Most of the first group gathered together to watch the drawing of the lottery, with the exception of the ones who now knew what was coming and who had been guided away.

And at the appointed time of drawing the lottery, a wave of psychic despair rolled away from this group and threatened to drown anyone who was connected to them.

Of course, as the angels had known, he was never going to win the lottery, let alone be the only winner.

The voice that had spoken to him was a dark entity within himself using his own ego to tell him what he most wanted to hear, speaking in the guise of ArcAngel Michael.

Ego drove the whole group to pre-spend the money in their own minds on what was good for them, what their own egos wished to have, as payback for past work, not provision for future work.

The angels had allowed this group to beleive the voice, because such is the way when you ask for something. You are tested to see if you are worthy. The more you ask for, the bigger the test.

All in this group failed the test. They put ego ahead of their work. They put themselves ahead of those they thought they were here to help.

The group fractured and has never gotten together again. Another failure because the group had a lot to offer, and even without money resources, it had the potential to do great work.

The man spent weeks figuring out what had happened, and to his credit, he worked it out and saw where he went wrong. But he refused to admit that they had failed the test, instead thinking that in figuring out the test after the event, it meant he had not failed. He learned a lesson, but he still failed the test, and not admitting this, dooms him to repeating it.

He turned his back on channelling, and said he would continue doing healing work.

But he has not been heard from since. Whereever he is, he is missed and we that knew him wish him Love and Light.

This is not an isolated case. It will have happened many times over the life-time of lotteries, and will happen many times yet, as lotteries are the modern day get-rich-quick hope of the masses, and so the first thing the ego turns to when it gets the opportunity.

What can we learn from this ?

First, the biggest failures for this group were all ego related. They accepted the promises blindly, and they put themselves ahead of the work. They were more interested in payback and personal comfort, than providing for the future. But lets be generous and remind ourselves that they are a being having a human experience and this is very human.

Why the test ? This 3rd dimensional realm is the realm of ego. Ego dominates here, unless you have done the karmic and life lesson work on yourself to have reached ascension. All in this group are on an ascension path, but none at that time, had reached it.

When you ask for anything big, you will always be tested accordingly. If you do not have the karmic and life lesson levels to pass the tests, then the request will be denied. Thats the way the cosmos works.

What of the orginal goals ? Helping readers, claivoyants, healers, helpers, and the people around them who support, helping all these people who generously give of themselves beyond their financial ability to truely do so.

How many genuine healers no longer do any healing work, simply because society forced them back into "normal" jobs, that leave them no free time for helping people ? Many, many many.

How many healers are struggling to make ends meet because they are guided to do the work to help those needing help and cannot support themselves properly whilst doing so ? Countless.

Was the original idea in error ? No.

Where did he go wrong then ?

Most obviously, the purchase of multi-million dollar property for a hand full of people was a huge extravagance. The same money could have bought whole apartment blocks that would have housed ten times the number of people. And yet, this still was wrong thinking.

The next problem was in giving large amounts of money to individuals to spend as they wished. An open invitation for ego to run riot and a great deal of fun it had too.

There were sub-issues involved as well. Who gets what amount ? Who gets nothing and waits for the next lot of money (and yes, that was promised and planned). Who deserved but what could be afforded ?

And all in all, it was the right idea, but completely the wrong way of going about it.

Can the goal be done ? Yes.

What does it need ? Money. Lots of it. Of Course .

How can it be done better ?

Well here, its my opinion, based on the events above and my analysis of what went wrong and why. This is how I would look at doing it :

You do not give people anything. As they say, give a man a fish and he can feed himself for a day. Teach him to fish and he can feed himself for life.

So we give people jobs. Put them on a comfortable salary, that allows them to live comfortably where they prefer, renting or paying off the average mortgage, eat how they wish, drive a car that they pay off a loan for like everyone else, etc.

They do the spiritual job they are already doing, but now without having to struggle, without having to charge higher than people around them can afford, able to choose to do discounted or free work without concern of how they make ends meet. Some would choose to return to the ancient 'monk style' of healing, roving where guidance takes them and not charging for help given but allowing people to offer what they feel they should. A lifestyle that is now almost impossible.

Like all jobs it will have a purpose and some accountability, and each job would have a place in an overall spiritual whole.

Readers, healers etc., but also struggling New Age shop owners where the shop is a local focal point for bringing healers and those needing help together.

All would be chosen because of the work they already do and the situations they are in.

Around these people you find spiritual people of many different job types to support everyone else. Those who can write need people to publish their work. Those who guide in meditations need sound technitions to record them and produce cd's. The artists need their work made into posters and bookmarks and angel cards. Books, leaflets, cd's, sprays, etc. all get stocked by the supported stores and promoted by those with talent and spiritual committment who do promotional jobs.

The object of the exercise is to find the people who do the real healing work, support them in that task and ensure that they are nurtured so that more people can be helped and healed and eventually the planet will be as well.

Ambitious isnt it.  Maybe so.

But the world has turned from the days when people like Louise Hay could found her own publishing house to get around the impossibility of getting published. Its sad to see Hay House is now the pillar of publishing establishment, perpetuating the very rules and procedures it was created to avoid. Ironic.

For every book, cd, meditation or whatever that does get published, there are hundreds of better ones that never do, because the little people who do the real spiritual healing work cannot present it well enough themselves to be taken seriously. And many now are Indigos, who simply see through all the rules for what they really are.

Its not a matter of building a newer version of Hay House. Its time to turn the whole thing over and have the "NewAgePublisher" go out and find the best spiritual books to publish. Not by soliciting, but by being out there involved in the on the ground healing and seeing what the healers are writing, recording or making.

Helping a person with a good way of doing some healing or meditating to get that method or meditation or product out to the world, for the people who need that specific healing. The healers may not be able to write, but the writers that can are there to be employed to do it for them. The healers have the ideas, not the ability to make them happen. The artists cannot sell their work, but others can, and it just needs money to produce the product from the art to bring them ongoing income to be able to continue to create the art they do so well.

The world is ready for the media to bring real healing to everyone. "Highway to Heaven" and "Touched by an Angel" brought spirituality to the screen, but the time for the next level of delivering television and movies that take real healing into the home is here and now, and the ideas are in the hands of the healers and helpers who cannot get them out.

Someone needs to take all this and do something with it, so that the world benefits and not just a few high-flyers that only those with money can get close to.

If the world is really to change, it has to start by supporting the people on the ground, who do the real healing work with real people.

Its not about making money, holding huge conventions, putting books in stores and products on shelves.

Its about helping a single person make ends meet while they help the people around them.

Its about doing that so many times around the planet, that those who ask for help will find it around them when and where they need it from whom it is appropriate, for them, to get it.

Its about changing the world, by helping the people who help others, one at a time.

The danger is in building yet another mindless monster that becomes a controller. Our current methods of publishing, product distribution and media are perilously near that now.

But if we keep it simple, keep it based on the ground with real people, then the obstacles are worth overcoming.

What it needs, is a Rich person to stand up and say, "How much do you need ?" and "Who do you need to get this started ?".

And I'm asking you, if its going to be you ?

It doesn't need to be global. If one rich person in each country sponsers a program as I've outlined, the world will benefit. If each rich person helped out a dozen healers in their part of the world, the world will change. If only one comes forward and does what they can, the world will change.

But its starts with one. And at the moment, there isnt one. Is there ?


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